AI Logo Generators

1. DesignEVO

DesignEVO is a free AI logo creator and generator. Of all the AI logo generators on our list, DesignEVO has the largest library of resources you can use to create your own AI logo.

It starts with a pre-designed logo. Then, you can edit it and add your own colors, fonts and icons. Using artificial intelligence, DesignEVO helps you decide which templates fit your company’s brand and style.

The builder may be very practical and intuitive, and permits you to alter every aspect of the emblem to suit your needs. You can freely click on and drag factors of your logo, upload shapes, trade icons and lots more.

Moreover, once you are satisfied with your logo, you can download a free version or purchase a premium version that offers, among other things, lifetime updates, high-quality file downloads and font files.

DesignEVO key features:

·        Over 10,000+ logo templates to get you started.

·        Millions of free vector icons to add to your logos

·        Over 100 font styles to use and choose from

·        Editable solid color schemes and gradients

·        Download high-quality print-ready files as SVG and PDF files

The gradient generator is a unique feature of the DesignEVO interface. While most of the logo generators on our list are limited to spot colors, DesignEVO offers a selection of pre-generated gradients and the ability to create two-level gradients for your logo.

Add depth to your logos by adding gradients that will take your designs to the next level with DesignEVO.

2. Looka Logo Maker

Looka is an online logo generator that starts building your logo by gathering market research. The logo design process starts by asking questions about the industry you operate in. Next, the logo designer provides several common styles within the industry you are designing for.

A tagline can be added to the logo to ensure that the brand message is clear to the public. Once the logo is created, it can be modified without limit.

Looka also uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide what it calls modern suggestions to improve the logo.

Looka key features:

·        Generates more than 75+ logos at once.

·        Seven color scheme categories with hundreds of options and selections

·        Over 300 font options in a variety of styles, including handwriting, vintage, sans serif and more

·        Save previous generations of logos and favor the ones that interest you most

·        Upload your logo to modify it and generate a branding kit

After generating your logo, Looka also helps you create the branding kit to support it. From business cards to letterhead, invoices to apparel, Looka offers you endless ways to use your logo to promote your brand, all from their logo generator.

3. Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo Maker is part of the Wix suite of products. Besides being one of the best AI website builders, Wix has a wide collection of applications that can help you build your online presence.

The Wix Logo Builder is a really handy tool for creating professional logos without any design experience. It uses artificial intelligence to generate logos for you based on the industry, brand name, and colors you select.

But what I like most about the Wix Logo Builder is that it doesn’t stop there. Once it spits out some logo options for you, you have full control to tweak the fonts, layouts, images — really anything you want. Need to nudge the text closer together? Tweak a color? Replace the image? Knock yourself out.

And once you settle on your perfect logo design, the possibilities are endless. From there you can quickly make additional logos for other uses, download logo kits with themes and templates to maintain brand consistency, or import your designs straight into the Wix Brand Studio for even more customization options.

The logo comes in eight file formats, including color, grayscale and monochrome versions. You can also get SVG versions of the logo, allowing you to further modify the design in programs such as Gimp and Adobe Illustrator.

Wix Logo Generator key features:

·        Over 40 color schemes

·        Hundreds of selected fonts, including Google Fonts

·        More than 100 color and monochrome icon choices

·        Add and customize geometric shapes within the logo

·        Upload your own design assets and logos to the generator

Unlike many other logo generators on our list, Wix Logo Generator allows you to click and drag various elements of your logo to create your perfect visual identity. Change the alignment, opacity, outline width and much more.

While other generators offer “cut-to-size” logos, the Wix generator offers powerful graphic design tools to create acustom AI-based logo for your company or brand.

4. LogoAI

LogoAI is an AI logo generator with a simple interface. Although LogoAI’s interface allows you to design with a simple click, it may be limited in some options when generating the logo, depending on the logo generation you choose to customize.

Some styles have a restrictive color scheme, making it difficult to use custom colors when creating the logo.

However, there are many areas where LogoAI shines. For starters, it is one of the few generators on our list that provides an animated version of the logo. Secondly, LogoAI offers numerous options to modify every aspect of the logo.

From the icon to the text, LogoAI offers editing options like tilting, rotating, and customizing the color of the icons with solid colors and gradients, which other logo generators omit completely.

LogoAI key features:

·        Over 50+ fonts to choose from, including Google Fonts.

·        Ability to upload your own custom font for use in the AI generator

·        Seven primary color schemes, with a custom color selection option.

·        Logos can be available in PNG, SVG and PDF formats

·        Download animated video and GIF versions of your logo

LogoAI offers an extensive list of options for editing logo text. Change the shape, solidify the text and outline or choose your favorite Google font. All these options and more are available when using LogoAI. In addition, you can change the text layout, add accents such as backgrounds and lines, and much more.

5. Designs.AI

Designs.AI is a complete design studio with several AI generators for texts, videos and logos. The AI logo generator allows you to create numerous logos based on your industry and brand.

Once the logo is generated, you can use a number of controls to customize it. From changing the background to choosing icons from the extensive icon library, Designs.AI is an easy-to-use logo generator with enough tools to create a simple logo.

The generator works with Google Fonts, so you can choose from a selection of popular web-based fonts to use for your branding and possibly your website.

Once your logo is designed, you can download it in SVG, PNG, JPG and PDF formats. With a monthly subscription, you can create and manage a complete branding and social media kit, brand story and mockups using your own logo.

Designs.AI key features:

·        More than 10,000+ icons available

·        Smart suggestions for font combinations, colors and styles

·        Eight categories of font styles, more than 20 color palettes and 60 icon border styles

·        Tools and options for alignment, vertical and horizontal transformation and undo/redo

·        Change the spacing, size and position of the company name and slogan.

The Designs.AI Branding Kit is a great and free way to keep track of the colors used in your logo and use them in the rest of the software. You can add as many colors as you want and copy their hex code for use in the Designs.AI platform or outside its ecosystem.

In addition, if you upgrade your package, you will be able to create an unlimited number of color palettes and brand fonts, which you can use to create other assets within Designs.AI.

6. Hatchful Logo Maker (by Shopify)

Hatchful by Shopify is a completely free logo generator. For this reason, it is one of the simplest generators on our list. You can’t change the company name spacing, choose colors or upload logos and fonts like other AI generators.

However, Hatchful uses artificial intelligence to create color schemes and logos that you can use to establish the foundation of your visual identity. Hatchful’s interface is clean and easy to use, with only three main options.

You can edit the company name and tagline, change the font and select a color from the generated palettes. In general, for simpler logos, consider Hatchful.

And if you haven’t chosen a company name yet, you can use Shopify’s company name generator.

Hatchful Logo Maker key features:

·        Integrated with Google Fonts

·        Ten different color styles

·        Hundreds of color and font options

·        Free social media resources based on your newly created logo.

Hatchful provides the largest amount of logo files of all the logo generators on our list. Once your logo design is complete, you will receive a ZIP folder in your email with the logo resized to the correct resolution and size for many social networks.

You will also receive the banners and have access to edit your logo if you need to make changes and re-download your design assets.

7. is one of the masters of AI logo generation, allowing you to create a professional logo in 5 minutes. The process starts with a simple questionnaire that allows you to share your industry, slogan, company name and logo style.

You can then select fonts, colors and icons. With all these options, the combinations you can generate with AI are vast. In addition, has a powerful editing interface, which allows you to make quick changes to your logo without using any design software.

The platform is integrated with Google Fonts, so you can find your favorite fonts and choose from a large library of backgrounds, shapes and lines to add to your logo.

Once you’re satisfied, you can download your logo in web-ready high-resolution file formats and, depending on the package you choose, you can receive other variations of your logo. key features:

·        100+ logo design templates

·        100+ icon options

·        More than 15 predefined color palettes

·        Six font categories with a total of over 100 fonts, thanks to Google Fonts

·        Add decorations such as frames, borders, patterns, separators and decorative lines.

With click-and-drag functions, a wide range of editing tools and layers,’s editing interface is one of the best on our list. Despite being cluttered with tools, bells and whistles, the interface is easy to navigate, especially if you’re familiar with the concepts used in programs like Canva and Adobe Photoshop.

Modifying colors, moving layers and more is easy with this platform, making for an apt logo creation experience.


The platform offers an extensive library of logo templates, icons, fonts and colors, allowing users to customize their logos according to their needs and preferences. also provides tools and features to help users fine-tune their logo designs.

Users can adjust the layout, change colors, modify font styles, and add or remove elements to create a logo that effectively represents their brand. In addition to logo design, offers other branding services.

Users can explore various options for designing business cards, social media assets, stationery, and other brand identity materials, allowing for a consistent and cohesive brand image across multiple platforms. key features:

·        Generate an unlimited number of logos from your questionnaire

·        100 custom color palettes and themes

·        Easy-to-use interface with simple tools and controls for logo design

·        Save and share logo variations for later use and downloading

The free version of provides an easy to view and share branding sheet. It includes all the visual elements of your brand. You can view your logo variations, brand colors with their CMYK and RGB codes, and typefaces in one document that you can share with your team.

9. BrandCrowd

BrandCrowd is a free AI logo generator that can help you create amazing logos. You can enter your company name and industry and BrandCrowd will generate thousands of logo ideas for you to search and filter by style, color, font and symbol. You can then edit the logos using different fonts, colors, symbols, shapes, backgrounds, etc.

BrandCrowd key features:

·        Thousands of customizable logo templates available in free and paid plans.

·        Paid plans include unlimited logo modifications and downloads.

·        Huge selection of logo templates and categories.

10. Logobean

Logobean is an online AI logo generator with a complex yet powerful interface. Logobean’s interface features a number of options that can be used to modify and style most aspects of the logo. Like other logo generators, it is possible to select an icon, a font and a color palette. However, Logobean offers additional controls.

Icon rotation and flipping, letter spacing and spacing, font size and text alignment can be applied to the company name, slogan and icon of the created logo.

In addition, various shades and hues can be chosen from the color picker, which opens up the possibilities of colonizing the logo.

Logobean key features:

·        Integrated with Google Fonts

·        Five core color palette schemes, with more than 20 color palettes within each scheme

·        Generates an interactive digital style guide for the logo, with guidelines for logo and typography usage.

·        Download logo files in PNG and SVG.

·        Online logo management portfolio where your users or your team can download your logo and associated brand guidelines.

Logobean’s preview interface allows you to see how your logo will interact in different use cases. See how your logo will look on a darker background or with a lighter tone. See the position on an envelope and decide how it will appear on a notebook.

Logobean provides several logo previews once the design is complete, so you can see how your future logo will look like in the wild.

11. Tailor Brands Logo Creator

Tailor Brands is a complete platform for companies and brands. Whether you need to get your company registration documents in order or need help creating a website, Tailor Brands has the tools to help you get your business up and running.

Among them is their AI logo maker. The logo maker has a clean, easy-to-understand design that simplifies logo creation. With its extensive library of fonts, icons, colors and styles, Tailor Brands AI logo maker offers numerous options to create the perfect logo.

Once your dream logo is created, the platform can also help you with other business needs with your new logo in tow. Overall, the Tailor Brands logo generator is the best place to start creating your brand for a one-stop store that starts with your logo.

Tailor Brands key features:

·        Easy visual logo design process with hundreds of icons, color schemes and layouts.

·        Generate over ten different logo options based on color, font and style selections made.

·        Download high quality PNG and JPG versions of your logo on white or transparent background.

·        Save your favorite logo combinations and download a free sample

·        Generate designs for business cards, brand books and more.

The Tailor Brands questionnaire is one of the most comprehensive on our list. From logo style questions to colors and typefaces to specific icon shapes, this AI logo generator does a great job of deducing what you want your logo to look like in a series of clicks.

While other generators offer generic questions and non-branding options, Tailor Brands’ quiz asks you the right design questions to build the perfect AI-powered logo.

12. Fotor

Fotor is a free online editor, design tool and AI logo generator. You can enter your company name and industry and Fotor will generate 100 logos.

You can then customize your logos with different fonts, colors, symbols, stickers, shapes, backgrounds, and more. You can also use Fotor’s advanced tools for filters, effects, frames and text.

Fotor key features:

·        It is an AI logo generator that can automatically create free logos for any business occasion.

·        It is free for beginners, hobbyists and logo designers to visualize logo design ideas.

·        You don’t have to worry about your business logo design because Fotor gives you instant access to create a logo faster than ever.

·        Enter your business information into our logo generator and you will be presented with a list of free logos to choose from.

13. Logaster

Logaster is a free AI logo generator that can help you create professional and unique logos for your company in minutes. You can enter your company name and industry and Logaster will generate dozens of logo concepts to choose from.

You can then customize your logos using various fonts, colors, icons, shapes, backgrounds, etc.

Logaster key features:

·        Logaster website integration allows you to design a corporate identity (favicons, business cards, envelopes, letterheads).

·        Popular raster and vector formats (PNG, JPEG, SVG, PDF).