Website Builders

1. 10web offers some of the top-notch AI tools for website development and content management, particularly in the context of WordPress.

But while the AI Assistant is great for generating SEO-optimized content, it’s the accompanying AI Builder that 10Web is best known for.

The AI Website Builder allows you to turn any existing website into a WordPress template. In addition, you will be able to customize the design and apply the same style to other websites.

You can start by searching the Internet for websites with an attractive design. After you find one, simply copy its URL and paste it into 10Web AI Builder.

Its artificial intelligence will examine the web page, extract the design styles and use them to create an identical page layout. The system also organizes the layout into several containers, which can be edited separately to customize the design.

Subsequently, each newly created page will inherit the initial layout. 10Web widgets can also be used to recreate a complete website.

Whichever method you choose, the website design is packaged in a zipped template file. This is what you then install on your WordPress system.

2. Mixo

With Mixo AI Web Builder, users can harness the power of artificial intelligence algorithms to simplify the process of designing and building websites, even without deep coding knowledge.

Mixo AI Web Builder offers an easy-to-use interface where users can drag and drop elements, customize layouts, and choose from predefined templates. The builder’s built-in artificial intelligence technology analyzes user preferences, content, and industry trends to provide personalized recommendations and suggestions for website design and functionality.

The main features of Mixo AI Web Builder can be:

Drag-and-drop interface: Users can easily add and organize elements on their website using a visual editor, eliminating the need for manual coding.

Template library: A collection of professionally designed templates allows users to choose the design that best suits their needs and customize it according to their preferences.

AI-based personalization: Artificial intelligence algorithms analyze user input, content, and target audience to provide personalized recommendations on design elements, color schemes, fonts, etc.

Responsive design: Mixo AI Web Builder ensures that websites created with the platform are optimized for multiple devices, including desktops, tablets, and cell phones.

E-commerce functions: Users can integrate e-commerce functions into their Web sites, enabling online transactions and management of product catalogs, inventories, and customer orders.

SEO optimization: AI technology helps optimize the website for search engines, improving its visibility and organic ranking in search results.

Analytics and tracking: Mixo AI Web Builder can provide built-in analytics tools to track website performance, visitor behavior, and conversion rates.

Hosting and domain integration: Users can publish their websites directly from the builder and connect custom domains, or they can have the option to host their websites on Mixo’s servers.

Mixo AI Web Builder aims to empower users with limited technical knowledge to create professional-looking websites efficiently. Leveraging AI technology, it provides intelligent suggestions and automation to streamline the web development process.

3. Durable

Durable is another excellent option to create a simple site in a few minutes. Simply answer two questions to generate a website template.

Apart from the design, this AI-powered website builder also includes features like contact forms and social media buttons automatically. Every section can be tailored manually to fit your requirements better.

Durable also offers AI content generation tools to speed up website development. Analytics, customer relationship management (CRM) and billing features make this website builder more suitable for businesses.

Google Ads Help. Describe your business and your pitch to create copy for Google Ads.
Business Name Generator. Enter a short description to generate different business name ideas.
Choose from a variety of images and icons with ease. Populate your website with high-quality visuals, automatically.

4. B12

If you want to launch your online business quickly, consider B12. In addition to an AI builder, this service offers professional web designers, SEO specialists, and copywriters to help you build your site.

These professionals will take care of the entire process of creating a ready-to-use website — note that the service is not available to Basic plan users. B12 also provides tools to enhance customer interaction, such as live chat and email automation.

While B12 is great for creating corporate websites, it does not incorporate e-commerce features. To create an online store, it needs to integrate with a third-party platform.

B12 AI tools:

Design and layout. B12 uses artificial intelligence to generate a draft website, which your design team will review.

5. Aspen

Aspen is a low-code, AI-based platform for creating generative web applications. It enables developers to create AI applications quickly and easily, without extensive coding.

It offers a number of features to ease the development process, including authentication, payments, templates, hosting, and distribution. It also allows users to train their own custom models with an intuitive play area.

Pricing starts at $35 per month, with free levels. Aspen, which will launch in early 2023, is a powerful tool to help developers participate in the artificial intelligence revolution.

6. TeleportHQ

TeleportHQ is an excellent website builder for users who want extensive customization. It allows you to add custom HTML and CSS code to modify any part of your website.

If you don’t have much coding experience, TeleportHQ allows you to generate HTML and CSS code using ChatGPT. You can also customize the site manually using the editor, but customization options are limited.

Rather than relying on questions to create websites, this AI website builder scans your outline and transforms it into a template. You can leverage tools such as Figma or create it manually using paper and pencil.

TeleportHQ AI tools:

Vision API. A machine learning tool that turns your wireframe into a fully designed website.
ChatGPT enables you to import and utilize custom HTML and CSS code, or content produced by the AI tool.

7. Hocoos

Okay, we may not be the most objective, but we’re pretty proud of what we’ve created here at Hocoos (with a lot of help from our beta tester heroes).

The process is quick and easy, but the results are significant. To get started, you just answer 8 quick questions about your company. Our super-intelligent AI takes your answers and uses them to create a complete website in a matter of seconds.

The answers not only guide the AI in building the website but also help you create custom-written content that you can actually use (without unnecessary Ipsum Lorem).

When it’s ready, you can test other AI tools, use the editor to add your own products and services or put the finishing touches before putting it online.

Hocoos can be tried for free, but if you upgrade to a premium account you’ll have access to a wide range of features.

Overall, Hocoos is the best choice for individuals and small businesses who want to start a small or side business but have been discouraged by the cost, time, or complexity associated with creating a website.

Thanks to the powerful AI wizard and super-simple web page editor, anyone can create a website and launch it online in a matter of minutes. With Hocoos, creating a professional-looking corporate website has never been easier and faster.

The AI website builder that generates an entire website with images and copy in seconds.

DurableAi — is an AI website builder that can generate a fully designed website complete with copy, images, and a contact form in just 30 seconds. It also has a customizable editing feature, a photo and icon library, and an AI copywriting tool that can optimise your marketing copy in one click. Durable AI also provides other tools to help grow your business like analytics, CRM, marketing, and invoicing, all under one simple login. You can try the entire Durable platform for free for 30 days. 


Weblium is an AI-powered website builder that allows businesses to create professional websites without any coding knowledge. It offers a drag-and-drop interface, ready-made blocks, and AI design supervisor to guide users in creating visually appealing and functional websites. With Weblium, businesses can establish their online presence quickly and efficiently.


·        Ease of use: Weblium’s intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality make it accessible to users without technical skills.

·        AI design supervisor: The AI design supervisor assists in maintaining visual consistency and provides recommendations for improving your website’s design.

·        Mobile optimization: Weblium ensures that websites created through its platform are optimized for mobile devices, enhancing user experiences.

·        Hosting and domain management: Weblium provides hosting services and allows users to connect their own domains seamlessly.


·        Limited customization: While Weblium offers a range of customization options, some businesses may require more advanced features that are not available.

·        Template-based limitations: Websites built on Weblium may resemble other websites using the same templates, affecting uniqueness.

·        Dependency on the platform: Switching to another website builder may require rebuilding the website from scratch.

AI tools for building websites and apps


Browse AI: Let you parse any website in 2 minutes.

Durable AI Website Builder: Build unique websites from scratch in 30 seconds.

Jusi: an AI-powered tool that assists businesses in creating technical specifications for their application or website development in a matter of minutes.

Alan AI: helps you add an Al voice assistant to your apps and improve support.

QuestAI: lets you build web apps faster.

Motion AI: easily create chatbots that will do anything on any platform.

BotX: a versatile tool that allows developers to create and deploy custom AI applications without writing extensive code.

ChatGPT Sidebar: ChatGPT Chrome extension that can be used on any website

Hopp by Wix is the next-generation link in bio tool — a unique solution built after gathering some key pain points that needed to be improved in other similar tools, to maximize brand and business growth.

Wix ADI — Wix ADI is an AI website builder.

Generate and publish your site with Framer AI in seconds

Framer AI revolutionizes website design by offering an effortless way to create stunning portfolios, startup landing pages, and more — so you can get your website up and running in seconds, whether you’re a designer or not.

The AI-generated copy and color shuffling feature ensures that your website stands out and surpasses the average quality of websites on the internet, in an easy and cheap way. You have infinite color palettes and typeface combinations to choose from, making customization a breeze.

Join other entrepreneurs to build what matters most on IndiePage

IndiePage offers entrepreneurs a Linktree-like platform that brings together everything you’ve built in one simple link in your bio. Unlike Twitter, where you can only reveal so much about yourself, this tool allows you to showcase your apps, courses, revenue goals, and both failed and successful startups — so they can all be part of your impressive collection!

Dora AI.

Not only can Dora AI assist you in creating a website within minutes, but it also offers an array of additional features that will blow your mind. Picture this: generative 3D interaction, advanced animations, and much more.