Calibre is a well-established and popular libre app which lets you organise your eBook collection on your computer, edit eBooks and convert eBook files from one format to another.

It’s free and available to download for Windows, Mac and Linux from the website below.

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Inventaire is a libre volunteer-run book lending site where you can make friends and create collaborative libraries together. You can make lists of books you want to lend to friends, and browse other friends’ lists.

It can also be used by book groups or organisations who want to share a common pool of books, as it helps the group keep track of which books are available and who has them at the moment.

Libreture is a Goodreads-style site which lets you store and organise your DRM-free eBooks online, browse DRM-free bookshops, discover new titles and share reading lists.

The basic account is free, and there are also paid options for people who want extra storage space (including an unlimited plan).

It’s sister site The Epubizer explains all the basics of DRM-free eBooks: what they are, how to read them and where to buy them.

Open Library is a Goodreads-style site where you can share reading lists, track your own book collection, borrow and download eBooks, and contribute to a catalogue of all books ever published.

The site is libre and run by the Internet Archive, a non-profit organisation dedicated to sharing knowledge.

LibriVox is a DRM-free collection of audiobooks that are provided at no charge. The books are read by volunteers and published under the public domain. 

Better World Books is an online bookshop which tries to take a more ethical approach, by donating one book to charity for every book it sells.

Delivery is free worldwide.

Kobo is a global eBook seller and perhaps the most comprehensive alternative to Kindle. Its bookshop sells both DRM and DRM-free eBooks.

The site doesn’t include any official way to separate the DRM from DRM-free titles, but you can search for DRM-free eBooks through our unofficial Kobo search page.

Kobo also make quite nice eReaders which can read almost all eBook formats (including DRM-free ones), and let you borrow eBooks from public libraries. You don’t have to use these though, as DRM-free eBooks can be read on any manufacturer’s device.

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