Twitter Alternatifleri


With Elon Musk set to pull verification from thousands of users who were verified under the company’s previous leadership, one Twitter alternative is hoping to lure some of those “legacy” checkmarks to its platform. T2, an invite-only service led by two former Twitter employees, says it will allow users to carry over their “legacy” Twitter verification to its site 

A free and open source alternative Twitter front-end focused on privacy. Inspired by the Invidious project. GitHub Addons: FireFox | Chrome(ium)


Mastodon is by far the most popular ethical social network with millions of users. You can watch their official video above, which explains how the site works. It’s a bit like Twitter, but with a much longer character limit and more flexible interface.


Güncelleme: Friendica (formerly Friendika, originally Mistpark) is a free and open-source software[4] distributed social network. It forms one part of the Fediverse, an interconnected and decentralized network of independently operated servers

Friendica is a Facebook-style social network with similar features including events and photo albums. Like Mastodon, Friendica is made up of many smaller sites linked together through federation. The smaller sites that make up the Friendica network are called “nodes”.

Gab Social

Gab Social is an open source and fully decentralized social network powered by the Gab Platform. It is the new social network of This change was made to further Gab's commitment to its users trust and privacy online. 

GNU social

GNU social is a continuation of the StatusNet project. It is social communication software for both public and private communications. It is widely supported and has a large userbase. 


Threads, Meta's take on Twitter/X (or whatever you want to call it now), following the numerous changes to the latter in the past year. While decentralized alternatives like Mastodon and the recent Bluesky exist, Threads provides perhaps the closest user experience to Twitter so far, targeting a wider audience. Recently launched in the EU, the promise of interoperability with the Fediverse might make Threads the go-to alternative in 2024.