Youtube Summarizers


Time is of the essence, and AI Content Summarizers understand this better than anyone. Eightify,, and Gimme Summary make skimming lengthy articles or YouTube videos a piece of cake. Other tools like OtterPilot can even provide summaries of your video calls, and can give you an analysis of a song’s essence.

Reccap makes YouTube videos “browsable” by transforming them into articles with summaries and key moments extracted.

After submitting the link, it gives a summary below.

Not bad!

But you can also get a detailed summary like the one below.

summary by reccap

The detailed summary contains rich information about the video, including screencaps and main points for each section.

It’s like turning timestamp sections on YouTube into beautiful, descriptive paintings.

YouTube University is another tool that summarizes as it generates the transcription.

Just throw the link into the textbox and hit go, and the summary starts flowing in.

Here’s what the summary looks like.

You can also hit the “Shorten” button to get shorter summaries.

It also generates chapters, a useful tool if you’re a YouTuber.

You can install a Chrome extension to summarize YouTube videos in one click.

YoutubeDigest is a Chrome extension that directly shows the summary on YouTube and uses ChatGPT in the backend.

First, you configure the settings and summarize the video as:

·        Single paragraph

·        article

·        set of bullet points

·        or set of titled sections

Here’s a sample of it summarizing the video as a TL;DR

Pretty cool!

Now for the tools that allow you to “chat” with the videos.

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You’re first welcomed with a landing page for pasting the URL.

Once you hit the SUBMIT button, you’re brought to a ChatGPT-like interface.

It first provides a quick summary and a list of potential questions you might have.

Here’s its response to one of the potential questions.

This is awesome.

It’s like having a smart friend who has already watched the video and can answer any question you have about it.

Readwise released a new Reader app, a place to save everything in one place and highlight like a pro.

They have a Ghostreader, an AI “Copilot of Reading,” which can summarize text and answer questions for text and videos!

You get a 30-day free trial to try out Readwise’s new reader.

Protip: Sign up with my link to get an extra free month.

Here’s what you see once you save the video to Readwise Reader.

It generates a transcript at the bottom and a summary in the sidebar.

To toggle Ghostreader, hit Shift + G

You’re given the following options.

I asked the same bathtub question from earlier, and it returned an answer in the sidebar under the section “Notebook”.

I personally think this is a really well-executed app, as readers can have the content saved, summaries, and answers to any questions in their “Notebook” all in one place, making it convenient to look back to it in the future.

Glasp “YouTube Summary”

Automatically generate summaries of your favorite YouTube videos using AI. With the Glasp Chrome extension, you get detailed timestamps and paragraph descriptions. Perfect for learning more efficiently and getting ahead.

Harpa AI

This is the best GPT add-on for Chrome that I’ve used. It provides GPT responses alongside the usual search results on any search engine like Google or Bing. It also offers the option to “chat” with any webpage or summarize YouTube videos. It’s also useful for writing emails and responding to social media posts with its preset templates. Currently, all features are free, and it can be found on the Chrome web store for extensions.

Finally, is an app that uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze video content and generate bullet-point summaries that capture the video’s essence, tailored to your unique needs.

You can share a YouTube video or paste a video link, and will create a summary in just a few seconds. It is perfect for busy professionals who want to save time and master media with AI-fueled video briefs.

As a video insight tool, provides a valuable service for anyone needing to gain insight quickly from video content. With its ability to generate bullet-point summaries tailored to your unique needs, can help reduce the time spent consuming content.

Video Highlight 

is the first tool, and it provides a brief summary of what the creator is talking about based on specific time frames.

For example, if I paste a link to a Steve Jobs motivational speech video, Video Highlight will automatically generate a summary of the key points based on different time frames.

This allows me to get a general sense of what Jobs is talking about without having to watch the entire video. I can take notes, jot down ideas, and move on with my day.

The second tool is Summarize

which provides an even shorter summary of the video’s contents.

For example, if I paste a link to a lengthy President Biden speech, Summarize will generate a short overview of what he discussed. This allows me to get the main points of the speech without having to spend an hour or more watching the entire video.


   lets you search YouTube content and transcribe videos.

ChatGPT Plugin Video Insights

Video Insights is great for summarizing YouTube videos.

What Video Insights can do: By simply providing the URL of the video, ChatGPT can offer detailed information about the video.

Now you can know what a video is about without having to watch it entirely.

I asked ChatGPT what this YouTube video is about and this is what I got.

It’s absolutely incredible! I got the description for a 13-minute video ready in less than 1 minute. And I can use this plugin also for work or study materials.