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A website that compiles all the other websites using AI tools, including text, video, audio, and more. Simply an AI tools directory.


Comprehensive database of AIs

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AI tools and prompts directory, offering a vast collection of over 400 AI tools and prompts contributed by a community of passionate indie makers. 

NaNAI aggregates the most extensive and detailed list of tools powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence). You'll find everything from product details (information, features, pricing, etc.), to related / similar AI tools, user reviews, FAQs and much more. 

Future Hurry

FutureHurry is a platform dedicated to curating the latest and greatest AI technology and innovations from across the web, all in one convenient location. From cutting-edge research to real-world applications, we've got you covered. 

AI Models

A free search engine for discovering AI models! This tool lets you select and integrate the perfect AI tool for your project. They also have a newsletter with a summary of the top new models, research summaries, and helpful how-to guides 

From text to Image


Midjourney is an independent research lab that produces a proprietary artificial intelligence program that creates images from textual descriptions, similar to OpenAI's DALL-E and the open-source Stable DiffusionThe tool is currently in open beta, which it entered on July 12, 2022.[3] The Midjourney team is led by David Holz, who co-founded Leap Motion. Midjourney uses a freemium business model, with a limited free tier and paid tiers that offer faster access, greater capacity, and additional features. Holz told The Register in August 2022 that the company was already profitable.[5] Users create artwork with Midjourney using Discord bot commands 


DALL-E (stylized as DALL·E) and DALL-E 2 are deep learning models developed by OpenAI to generate digital images from natural language descriptions, called "prompts". DALL-E was revealed by OpenAI in a blog post in January 2021, and uses a version of GPT-3[1] modified to generate images. In April 2022, OpenAI announced DALL-E 2, a successor designed to generate more realistic images at higher resolutions that "can combine concepts, attributes, and styles"

DiffusionBee is a free, MacOS application to work with Stable Diffusion AI image generation. Like for Midjourney or Dall-E, you write a prompt, and you have your image. But, because you’re running it on your Mac and using an open-sourced technology, it’s free!


Distillery is an open-source alternative to Midjourney, a Midjourney contender and a powerful tool for creatives, is an AI image generator tool that’s all the rave, and they’ve just paused whitelisting for new accounts, indicating its fast growth.


Playground AI uses Stable Diffusion or DALL-E to let you create any image from your imagination. With preset filters, you'll get outstanding results even if you're brand-new to AI art and image creation. Create up to 1,000 images a day for free. 


Create art with 30+ AI models & styles

Lexica is a powerful tool that can generate high-quality images, text, and even music. It’s perfect for creatives who want to create stunning content with ease.

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is an AI tool that uses text-to-image models to generate images from text123. It is designed for image generation and requires a GPU with at least 10GB of VRAM4. According to Stable AI, the creators of Stable Diffusion, the tool will empower people to create stunning art within seconds1. Stable Diffusion has been open-sourced and is available on Google Play2. It is also included in a list of 107 fun AI tools on Synthesia.io5. 


If you’re building a website or an app and need a few vector images to spice up your feature section, Illustroke will turn your text prompts into a ready-to-use SVG. You can pick the style of the image — futurist, Escher, or Rick and Morty, among many others — insert a token, and out it comes.


Tasarım odaklı bir hizmet. is a website that offers free and easy-to-use AI tools, including an AI image generator and AI art generator12. They also offer an online video enhance tool powered by AI, which allows users to apply filters like 4K, 120 fps, colorization, and facial restoration to their videos3. The website aims to make AI more accessible and trustworthy through innovation and responsibility4. They offer different pricing options, including a free starter option and a subscription option with 300 credits per month5. 


Do you want to create an image using word association? Use Craiyon.

All you have to do to illustrate your idea is to describe how you see it — with actions, nouns, style or critical features. is a free AI-powered tool that allows you to create professional graphics and pictures easily. You can use Hotpot to create NFT collection, attractive, easy-to-edit templates that empower anyone to create device mockups, social media posts, marketing images, app icons, and other work graphics.

One of the best AI art generators with unlimited generations for free. Multiple Image styles to choose such as SD v1.5 NSFW, Stable Diffusion v2.1, Analog, Anything v3.0, Arcane, Archer, Deliberate, Disney Pixar, Double Exposure, DreamShaper, DucHaitenAIArt, Eimis, F222, Grapefruit, Hassan, Liberty, Openjourney, PFG, Pixel Characters, Pixel Scenery, Portrait Plus, PPP, Realistic Vision, Redshift, RPG, SynthwavePunk, Vector Art, and Waifu.

AI Input

AI Input is an innovative AI tool that empowers users to generate custom images based on text descriptions. By utilizing stable-diffusion models, AI Input delivers high-quality images from scratch. 


is a powerful, realistic photo generator and illustration designer that automatically creates pictures based on your text inputs. With just a few clicks, you can create detailed images that look exactly like the ones you see in magazines and online.

IMGCreator is perfect for creating photographs for your website or social media profiles and illustrations for your business cards, marketing material, or product packaging. It also makes it easy to mix text with images to create unique and personalized designs.

Text to Text

Open AI ChatGPT

Söyleyecek söz bile bulamıyorum. 

ChatGPT plugins, sorted


Jasper and are used by marketers and SEO experts to produce AI-generated content. But the writer's experience is terrible. is built for writers by writers. The user experience is amazing: if stuck on something, hit “…” button and let Lex continue for you.


GoCharlie.AI is a generative AI research and development company with a focus on marketing, advertising, and sales 


ChatGPT from OpenAI is cool and all, but you know what's even cooler? HuggingChat from the well-known platform Hugging Face, an actually OPEN-source AI Chatbot Interface based on the Open Assistant Conversational AI Model. HuggingChat is pretty easy and straightforward to use —just visit, and start a conversation without signing up if you don't want to. The interface is similar to ChatGPT, with quick options to change the model or toggle web search. 

Google Bard

Bard is a conversational generative artificial intelligence chatbot developed by Google, based initially on the LaMDA family of large language models (LLMs) and later the PaLM LLM. It was developed as a direct response to the rise of OpenAI's ChatGPT, and was released in a limited capacity in March 2023 to lukewarm responses, before expanding to other countries in May. 


Copy.AI could be helpful for content creators. The tool can help a user write Instagram captions, blog posts, product descriptions, Facebook content, start-up ideas, and many more. 


Jasper is arguably the most popular AI writing app on the market today. It comes with a lot of templates and features that can help you write your content, emails and articles faster and more efficiently. But expensive.  Is a content creation/generation tool. You can work with templates for Marketing texts, Emails, Blog posts, Website content, and more. Based on a short & precise input, Jasper will generate the whole text for you. 


— creates SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free content
for blogs, ads, emails, and websites. You can use it for content creation, copywriting, and much more.


is an AI writing assistant that auto-completes your text into whole essays, blog posts, emails, or everything you want it to be.

Rytr is a platform that allows you to generate text using AI. Rytr works with natural language processing and machine learning, which means it can create written content that sounds more human-like 


Hyperwrite is my favourite one because it’s so useful and cheap. Like Jasper and Lex, it has a web app where you can write with a bunch of templates or a blank page. Then you can ask AI for help whenever you need it.

But in my opinion, its Chrome extension is even more useful than the web app because you can use the AI assist on any webpage including Google docs, Gmail, Notion, Evernote or any other writing and note app.

Cover Letter Generator

CoverLetterGPT is an AI tool that generates customized and unique cover letters based on the user's skills and expertise, streamlining the job search process and saving time for job seekers. 

Text to Video


The first option is Fliki. Click New file, and start writing each line that you want the AI to narrate. Click the image placeholder icon to the right, and choose the stock video to go with it. Click on the name to change the voice, if you want to. Now click play, and watch the video.


Synthesia is an innovative website that allows users to easily create AI-generated videos by simply typing in text. This cutting-edge platform utilizes natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to turn written text into engaging and visually stunning videos. Whether you’re creating explainer videos, product demos, or promotional content, Synthesia makes it easy to create high-quality videos without the need for expensive equipment or technical expertise. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Synthesia is the perfect solution for businesses, marketers, and content creators looking to create engaging and effective videos.

Pictory AI

Using Pictory, you can start your own YouTube channel without needing to hire a video editor or scriptwriter. All you need is Jasper AI and to create and publish your videos on YouTube

It’s an amazing toolbox for content creators working with videos. You can :

Lumen5 — Video Creator

Lumen5 is an online video-making platform with tools that allow you to make videos effortlessly in a few steps. It includes great templates and various formats for different social media platforms. The AI comes in when you upload a transcript; it creates the whole video sequence, including images, using your imported transcript. A great and easy-to-use tool, especially if you want to create fast content for social media platforms. Lumen also offers an extensive range of images and videos to include in your final video.

Build customized AI videos with a presenter in minutes without using a camera, studio and a greenscreen.

Text to Music


Mubert AI is an artificial intelligence music technology company that creates unique and personalized music using algorithms. It uses AI to produce music in real-time, with users able to select different genres and moods to create music tailored to their preferences. Mubert AI's technology is used by music producers, businesses, and individuals looking for a new way to create and consume music. 

Text to Speech

Eleven Labs

Eleven Labs’ text-to-speech tool is world-class and can also allow you to clone your voice using around 60 seconds of source audio. It’s perfect for people who want to create realistic-sounding voice-overs or voice assistants.

ElevenLabs || Prime Voice AI

Prompt Araçları

How do you generate images with AI? Using prompts. Prompting is a complex task, mastering it requires a lot of time trying different approaches and prompts. Well now, there is a search engine of prompts that were used to generate beautiful images. Looking for a picture of a factory, instead of trying for hours with Dall-E or Stable Diffusion, go on, and search for what others did with factories.

Beatoven uses advanced AI music generation techniques to generate unique mood-based music to suit every part of your video

You’ve probably experienced how dumb Google can be. Well, that’s because Google still relies on back-links and keywords to index and rank pages. With modern AI, it is possible to understand what exactly the user is looking for and predict the links like GPT-3 predicts the next paragraph of your marketing blog post. Meet Metaphor, the very first ‘smart’ search engine where you have to prompt your search as you would prompt GPT3.

Resemble AI

A tool that uses AI to generate voices and copy emotions, convert speech to speech and localize.

Text to Speech


Narakeet is a text-to-speech (TTS) tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate natural-sounding voiceovers from written text. It can create voiceovers in multiple languages and styles, making it suitable for a wide range of applications such as creating videos, e-learning materials, audiobooks, and more.


Use FakeYou technology to make your text sound like the voice of your favourite characters. Text-to-speech at FakeYou makes it all possible.

Music Production


If your video needs a unique accompaniment for your YouTube, TikTok, or Spotify video, you can create it on Boomy. You don’t have to know a thing about music. A good taste and sense of rhythm are enough.

Text Analyzer

Bearly AI

It is an AI tool that summarizes articles, generates headlines, and rewords content using your keywords.

The tool analyzes the text of articles and suggests ways to improve them. Based on what it reads, it can also suggest headlines and content. In addition, it will help you hone your writing skills by expanding on what you’ve already written.

Text Summarizers


Scholarcy extension is a research tool that helps scholars and students simplify their research process. Scholarcy extension has an AI-powered system that automatically summarizes long and complex academic papers and articles using keywords, key sentences, and summaries. Scholarcy extension is helpful when students or scholars have a lot of research papers to read, and they need to extract the key information quickly. The tool also helps them review large amounts of information more efficiently and saves them time for critical analysis. Scholarcy extension is available as a Google Chrome extension and can be used on any device. It is a significant time-saving tool for students and scholars and helps them overcome information overload while conducting research. The tool has received positive feedback globally and has become popular among researchers, especially those in academic institutions.

Answer hard questions related to your file. Get easy-to-understand answers instantly. Turn complex technical papers into simply explained summaries. 

AI Alfred

This is a summarizer like humata,ai.  But works with published links. 

Chat PDF

You can upload a pdf file to summarize. 


(SciSummary -  Summarize scientific articles by sending an email to (link) 

PDF GPT Features is a tool that allows users to upload PDFs and get summaries and answers to their questions.


Turn any long YouTube video into a Summary with 8 key ideas. 


Upword is a powerful AI-powered summarization tool that helps you learn 10x faster by capturing key ideas and generating personalized summaries. It’s on a mission to help people be more productive with their knowledge so that it can be beneficial in all fields, from education to business to personal development.

Any Summary

Powered by ChatGPT 🪄

Analyze and summarize long interview audio or video files quickly. Get the key points, highlights and insights from your files in just a few minutes.

Customize your summary 🦄

Bullet points, quotes or a full abstract? Choose the format that works best for you. Provide your own summary instructions or let our AI do the work for you.

Sound production


ElevenLabs Text to Speech Tool: ElevenLabs offers an advanced Text to Speech tool that allows users to generate high-quality spoken audio in various voices, styles, and languages. This technology can be used for various applications such as voiceovers, virtual assistants, and more.

If you’re making videos, you need a piece of background music. With Soundraw you can set any genre, duration, and beats-per-minute and generate hours of different music. The quality is amazing, you can’t say it was generated by an AI.


 — is an AI Voice Generator. It can read your text and you can select a bunch of different voices. You can further create a voice over for videos and presentations and much more. — Audio Stem Splitter

Lalal uses artificial intelligence to remove vocals and conduct music source separation fast, easy, and precise stem extraction. You can remove vocal, instrumental, drums, bass, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and synthesizer tracks without quality loss. Makes creativity painless!

You can start playing around as it gives you 10 minutes free, but the paying models are also very reasonable. 15 euros one-time fee for 90 minutes of processing will get you far. 


allows you to create amazingly realistic avatars and synthetic voices for your video or presentation. I wrote another article in which I used Synthesia to create AI-generated fake news content (see link below). 

Podcastle Ai

Podcastle Ai is great for converting text into speech. The program offers features such as studio quality recording, AI palette editing, and CMS exporting, and it provides tools such as audio detection and voice to text audio translation. In general, audio detects transcription, but there are many tools you can use. Likewise with voice-to-text, so yeah they do have a plan that you can upgrade to but for the basic plan they do offer a bunch of free features.

Video editing


simplified video creation for all using a suite of AI tools and over 5000 templates. Trusted by 7 million professionals. 


​With Peech’s one-of-a-kind automatic editing process, you’ll generate professional ready-to-publish videos within seconds. 


lets you remove the background of any video or gif — 100% automatically.

 Gradient Music 

is the first AI music streaming platform. All tracks in Gradient Music were created by artificial intelligence. Despite this there are different “music artists” with different styles on the platform, which means AI can imitate various genres. This brings gradient music closer to real streaming services with real artists.

Descript: Easier Video and Audio Editing

If you often edit video or audio recordings, you know how time-consuming is to cut out unwanted portions of the footage. Sometimes we might even need to record again if we omitted a word or didn’t say what we meant to.

Image editing

Editing photos for e-commerce or blogs? ClipDrop will help you to remove backgrounds, upscale your photos, and clean up or relight them. The most important part? They provide batch editing and API, so you can integrate them into your own application.

GFP-GAN — Photo Restoration

GFP-GAN is a new Free AI tool that can fix most old photos instantly. GFP-GAN (Generative Facial Prior-Generative Adversarial Network) was developed by Tencent researchers by merging info from two AI models to fill in a photo’s missing details with realistic detail in a few seconds, all the while maintaining high accuracy and quality. In this video (2:26), Louis Bouchard enthusiastically describes how well the project worked at photo restoration with details on how to use it for free. The results are very impressive and work well even with very low-quality images. 

AI Image Enlarger

AI Image Enlarger is a FREE online image enlarger that could upscale and enhance small images automatically. Make jpg/png pictures big without losing ..

Search Engine


This is a demo inspired by OpenAI WebGPT, not a commercial product. Perplexity Ask is powered by large language models (OpenAI API) and search engines. Accuracy is limited by search results and AI capabilities. Do not enter personal information. May generate offensive or dangerous content. Perplexity is not liable for content generated. 

Andi Search 

— Is a chatbot search for the next generation using generative AI. Instead of just sending links, Andi gives you answers — like talking with a smart friend.

Metaphor Systems 

Search engine designed from scratch using AI. Unlike Google and Bing, this engine uses link prediction - it tries to predict what link will follow a prompt. This makes the best search queries a bit unusual - instead of searching “motorcycle rental Namibia” try “here’s a great place to rent a motorcycle in Namibia” because that’s what a link to a good place might look like on a site. 

Machine Learning

JADBio — AutoML

JADBio is a user-friendly machine learning platform that needs no expertise in coding but is equipped with powerful knowledge extraction tools. Although it is purpose-built for biotech and multi-omics, you can basically upload any kind of curated data and analyze it. Very useful for students who want to dive into machine learning or people who want to build a predictive model, for example, which potato will yield the best fry (binary classification). They offer a lifetime free account, and the use is pretty straightforward. 



— a cloud-based artificial intelligence tool developed by GitHub and OpenAI to assist users while coding. It uses the OpenAI Codex to suggest code and entire functions in real-time, right from your editor. It can be integrated into Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, Neovim, and JetBrains development environments.

Kite uses machine learning to provide code completion suggestions in real-time as the programmer types.

MutableAI can complete your code using just natural language.

 IntelliCode is a feature of the Visual Studio IDE that uses AI to provide code completion suggestions based on the context of the code being written.


 — Offers a simple UI to remove unwanted objects, defects, people, or text from your photos.


— is still in beta. Allows you to create amazing stories & presentations. It focuses on creating designs around storytelling.

Pixela AI 

— lets you create 3d models and AI-Generated Game Textures generated with a Stable Diffusion Algorithm.


— AI-powered platform to design logos and brand images. 

Data Extraction

Browse AI

A valuable AI tool for monitoring your competition, extracting data from a website, and researching the market, Browse AI is available for free to all users. Furthermore, it can provide you with leads by identifying potential clients who may be interested in your services.


Kadoa is a super useful tool lets extract any web data easily and on auto-pilot using AI. No coding or browser extension required.

Website Builders

The AI website builder that generates an entire website with images and copy in seconds.



. You can connect it to your calendar account and have it auto-join all your meetings. Will you be late? Don’t worry, Otter will join on time and transcribe everything, so you don’t miss the first few minutes.

Audio and Video AI Tools:

1.       VoicePen AI ( An AI tool that converts audio content into blog posts, making it easier for businesses and individuals to generate written content from recorded conversations and lectures.

2.       Krisp ( An AI tool that removes background voices, noises, and echoes from calls, allowing users to conduct clear, professional audio conversations from any location.

3.       Beatoven ( An AI tool that creates custom royalty-free music, enabling businesses and individuals to add unique, original music to their projects without the hassle of licensing.

4.       Cleanvoice ( An AI tool that automatically edits podcast episodes, making it easier for podcasters to create high-quality, professional-sounding content.

5.       Podcastle ( An AI tool for studio-quality recording from your computer, providing users with an easy-to-use, high-quality recording solution for podcasts, webinars, and other audio content.

6.       Vidyo ( An AI tool for making short-form videos from long-form content, allowing businesses and individuals to share their message in a more engaging and visual way.

7.       Maverick ( An AI tool for generating personalized videos at scale, making it easier for businesses to create and distribute video content that is relevant and engaging to their target audience.

8.       Soundraw ( An AI tool for creating original music, providing businesses and individuals with a simple, intuitive way to create and publish their own music.

9.       Otter ( An AI tool for capturing and sharing insights from meetings, making it easier for teams to stay on top of important discussions and decisions.

Design AI Tools:

1.       Flair ( An AI tool for designing branded content, allowing businesses and individuals to create professional-looking graphics and design elements easily.

2.       Illustroke ( An AI tool for creating vector images from text prompts, making it easier for designers to create custom graphics and images for their projects.

3.       Patterned ( An AI tool for generating patterns for design, allowing businesses and individuals to add unique, eye-catching patterns to their projects without the hassle of creating them from scratch.

4.       Stockimg ( An AI tool for generating the perfect stock photo, making it easier for businesses and individuals to find and use high-quality stock images in their projects.

5.       Looka ( An AI tool for designing your brand, providing businesses and individuals with a simple, intuitive way to create a professional-looking brand identity.

Image and Content Cleanup AI Tools:

1.       Civitai: Civitai is a hub for AI art generation. It’s where artists, engineers, and data scientists can share and explore models, tutorials, and resources to take AI art to the next level.

2.       Cleanup: AI tool for removing objects, defects, people, or text from pictures. It offers a simple yet powerful solution for photo editors, photographers, and marketers, who want to save time and effort when cleaning up their images.

3.       Inkforall: AI tool for content generation, optimization, and performance. It offers a suite of tools that help you write high-quality content faster, optimize your content for search engines and measure its performance so that you can make data-driven decisions.

4.       Thundercontent: AI tool for generating content. Using its advanced language model and machine learning algorithms, it provides a platform for generating high-quality content, from blog posts to articles, in minutes.