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Polotno is a completely free alternative to Canva with no ads and no subscriptions. 

There was a time when crafting a logo or designing a landing page was strictly reserved for those who either owned expensive software or had years of design experience. If successful Internet stories have taught us anything, it’s that makers turning outdated technology into mainstream tools is something to bet on. Especially when those can be used by anyone willing to explore the abundant resources and tips.

Canva and Figma are two of those success stories. While they don’t guarantee you’ll be the next Jony Ive, they’ve been an inspiration to others building tools that address design needs through different approaches. Here are some recent launches that caught our attention:

Kittl recently launched its graphic design platform that aims to bridge the gap between traditional design tools like Photoshop and Illustrator (which tend to have a steeper learning curve), and Canva. The makers describe the comparison as “Kittl is more an easy-to-use version of Illustrator whereas Canva is more a version of InDesign.”

The tool also provides a community-built library with thousands of ready-to-use templates, fonts, and graphic elements.

Spline Beta, which scored a whopping 1200 upvotes on its launch day, makes 3D design more accessible through real-time collaboration, animation, and 3D modeling. You can enable interactivity on your objects and control their textures.

Overflow 2.0 lets you create collaborative and interactive user flow diagrams. Its new version allows you to save designs in the Overflow cloud, access a full version history of any document with rollback, and integrate apps like Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, and Photoshop.

Stage positions itself as a prototyping tool for non-designers. The app allows you to create mobile UX/UI designs using its pre-existing smart components and template screens.

And finally, Golden Kitty Award winner Uizard is a beginner-friendly, AI-powered design tool to help you create web and mobile app prototypes.

via Pruduct Hunt